Calming the Body and Freeing the Mind

Yoga has been around for thousands of years for one simple works!  Yoga operates simultaneously on all levels of the physical and energetic body to help you feel strong, peaceful, and more aware of yourself.  Whether you are looking to feel less pain in your body, calm the mind, lift your mood, or connect with higher states of consciousness, yoga can meet your needs through its many tools such as postures, breath work, chant, meditation, self study, and philosophy.

I teach Viniyoga, a lineage passed down by Tirumalai Krsnamacharya, the grandfather of yoga as we know it in the west.  This form of yoga was designed by a true master and incorporates the 8 limbs of yoga as described by Patanjali in the yoga sutras.  Much more than physical postures, yoga, or "union" of the mind and body (as the term literally means), provides access to many tools that gradually and gently allow the mind to release its need to control, label, or blame so it can find peace within the body.  The benefits to the body are many as well, including improved circulation, increased mobility, and reductions in chronic pain.  Therefore, no matter what your motive, yoga has something that can benefit you on your journey to balance and health.

What I Offer

Group Classes:   I am currently teaching classes for youth in Everett on Monday afternoons.  Please see my "Upcoming Events" page for more information.

I am also teaching an all ages Chair based class on Thursday in Greenwood and an extended practice class and every fourth Saturday of the month.  Additionally, I am offering a chant class that will be offered every other Friday evening.  Please see my "Upcoming Events" page for more information or visit Whole Life Yoga Studio's website for details. 

Personal Sessions: I specialize in working individually, or in small groups, to personalize a yoga practice that fits your needs and interests.  After assessing the type of practice you would like, I can either work with you on a weekly basis, or work with you for a limited time to design and lead you through a practice which will be recorded and documented for personal use.  Through follow up appointments we will refine, modify, and expand your practice as needed to achieve your goals. 

Small group rates for 2 to 4 yoga participants are available should a client know of others with similar needs who would like to share in their journey.   Please note that small groups allow sessions to be more affordable, but may not be as personalized as an individual session.  Sessions with multiple participants must be conducted in the home due to space limitations in my treatment room.

Weekly or Bi-Monthly Private Yoga Sessions: These sessions can include asana(postures), pranayama (breathwork), chant, or meditation depending on your interests and needs.  I see clients on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays at Cunning Crow Apothecary or in your home as scheduling permits.  Unlike my packages listed below, these sessions do not come with a recording or written home practice.  See FAQs for adjusted rate options

1 person - $90 for 60 min or $135 for 90 min

2 people $120 for 60 min or $150 for 90 min

3+people $150 for 60 or $170 for 90 min

Yoga Service Packages:

  • 4 Session Personalized Home Yoga Practice - $375 - Includes:
  • 90 minute intake session
  • Three 60 minute follow up sessions
  • One audio recording of personal practice (recording device supplied by client)
  • One written copy of personal practice (practice is approx. 20-30 min. in duration)
  • Additional sessions are available at $90 each


  • 6 Session Personalized Home Yoga Practice - $525 - Includes:
  • 90 minute intake session
  • Five 60 minute follow up sessions
  • Two audio recordings of personal practice (recording device supplied by client)
  • Two written copies of personal practice
  • First practice is approx. 20-30 min in duration
  • Second practice builds on the first and is approx 45-60 min in duration)
  • Additional sessions are available at $90 each